Kids of all ages have long loved drawing

kids drawingKids of all ages have long loved drawing and many kids will draw on anything and everything they can get their hands on. They will draw on paper, the floor, their clothes, themselves, and of course the walls! Many parents turn to the tried and true chalkboards for their kids’ play room, or play area. However, chalk can be messy, is harder to clean up, and some kids just don’t like the light powdery look of their chalk artwork.

Years ago when diy erase was something you saw only in school or in office buildings, it was hard to come by if you wanted that option at home. Dry erase easels and boards were cumbersome, bulky, heavy, and expensive. However, now you can actually get specially formulated dry erase paint that you can use on your walls to turn them into massive dry erase boards! Dry-erase has low odor, low-VOC, and is suitable for a range of surfaces such as wood, brick, concrete, and many others.

Parents know the value of creativity and how important it is for the development of a child’s mind. Why stifle their creativity when you can unleash it and let them create, design, and explore the wonders of their own imagination? Many stores and companies carry dry erase paint so you can transform your child’s bedroom or play room into the best place in the world. Whether you want to give them a section of the wall,one entire wall, or all the wall space they can reach, you can help make it easy to give them ample room to be creative.

The uses for this are endless beyond simply allowing your child a place to doodle and draw. Use it to leave them notes and encouragements. Image the smile on your child’s face to see a daily message written to them on the wall when they wake up or when they come home from school. Send gentle reminders about chores and homework or use the dry erase space for homework sessions. Be creative and you will never run out of uses for the applications of dry erase paint.

Many of the dry erase products are certified safe and easy to apply as well as use. Clean up is easy with standard dry erasers and rags. One application of high quality dry erase paint can hold up to wear and year for years and will provide countless hours of enjoyment for your child! Discover the wonder of this amazing product and be sure to share your ideas with us as we are always looking for new inspiration and ideas! Check out the many great options available at your local paint store or check online for dry erase paint options. Your child will love it and so will you!