Why Wind Energy is the Solution to Most of the Ecology Problems Today

Several decades ago, the benefits of oil were so immense that anyone who happened to point out the damage done to the environment was seen as a traitor to human as well as world’s development. Well, the world did leap forward and in a most amazing way. Unfortunately, the cost is obvious to all and sundry today.

This is not to say that only oil has caused the many ecological problems such as global warming and extinction of some species, there are obviously other things that have contributed to the menace. It has taken the energy experts and researchers a very long time to sell the idea that wind energy is one of the perfect solutions to the modern conflict between earth’s inhabitants and the environment.

If we were to look into the energy crisis critically, we will realize that there are easy ways that we can solve a host of environmental issues by just wholly adopting the wind as a source of energy. Only 18% of the world’s energy comes from the wind. Listed below are some of the benefits of wind energy;

1.      Improved public health and environment – The energy that is derived from fossils and natural gas is directly blamed for some of the diseases that are now very rampant such as breathing problems, heart diseases and several types of cancer. By reducing usage of fossil energy and adopting wind energy; water and air health related problems have been found to reduce significantly. With the adoption of wind energy workdays for employees increase, premature mortality as well as overall health care costs come down.

2.      There is an inexhaustible large supply of natural energy – There is no country in the world where the wind and sunny days are not present. Whereas some enjoy more of these resources than others, over 95% of all countries in the world have adequate winds to generate enough power for its needs. This is in contrast to oil which is found in a handful of countries.

3.      The energy prices stabilize – We are used to hearing that the price per barrel has gone up or down. Currently, oil prices are down because of an oversupply of the same. These fluctuations can be harmful to economies. When it comes to wind energy, the world economies grow steadily because the price of energy remains stable. Furthermore, more jobs are created because setting up windmills and other power installations are more labor intensive than the mechanized drilling process.

4.      No global warming emissions – Carbon dioxide has been known to trap heat in the atmosphere hence making earth’s temperature rise considerably. In many developed countries electricity production contributes to a third of global warming emissions. As for wind power production, very little if any emissions will be made.