Health is the heartbeat of family unity

In the years marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, countless families have lost loved ones.

A household medical bible used by over 5,000 families

The Essential Guide - 'Home Doctor' Unveiled

Discover a lifeline in ‘Home Doctor’ – a comprehensive guide equipping households with vital DIY medical procedures and invaluable health insights

DIY Medical Expertise Unleashed

Uncover the power of DIY medical procedures and essential supplies, empowering you to confidently navigate common health issues and emergencies at home.

Dr. Maybell's Ingenious Solutions Content

Learn from Dr. Maybell Nieves’ pioneering methods developed during Venezuela’s crisis, now globally applied in conflict zones, ensuring your home is equipped with innovative health solutions.

Blackout Survival Strategies

Navigate medical challenges during blackouts with insights from real experiences in Venezuela. Discover the biggest mistakes to avoid and secure important medications that require refrigeration.

Immediate Health Recognition and Response

Recognize symptoms of heart attacks and strokes, empowering you to take immediate actions that can improve recovery chances before professional help arrives.

Antibiotics Stockpiling Wisdom

Legally and safely stockpile antibiotics for emergencies, understanding their pivotal role when traditional medical assistance becomes scarce.

Natural Remedies and Pain Management Mastery

Explore natural painkillers, DIY antibiotic salves, and ingenious ways to manage various health conditions, utilizing readily available resources within your home.

A 304-page home medical book

Home Doctor

Unlock health independence with ‘Home Doctor’—Dr. Maybell Nieves’ 304-page guide, born from Venezuela’s crisis. From DIY medical procedures to innovative solutions, gain practical insights for managing health confidently in emergencies.

guide to mastering DIY health

Example of DIY Medical Procedures


Leeches Medicinal Use and Historical Insights

Explore the historical use of leeches for medicinal purposes, highlighting their effectiveness in wound healing and managing high blood pressure.


Toothache and Mouth Infection Care

Receive practical advice on managing toothaches and dental infections when access to a dentist is limited.


Eggshell Remedy and Ingenious Tips

Learn about the eggshell remedy and 25 other ingenious tips using everyday items, turning discarded items into valuable resources.


Busy Mom


“Being a busy mom, ‘Home Doctor’ has been a lifesaver! Dr. Maybell’s practical tips are like having a medical expert at home. It’s given me the confidence to handle health issues for my family. A true gem!”


Everyday Health Explorer


“As someone who explores everyday health solutions, ‘Home Doctor’ is a goldmine. The blackout survival tips and antibiotics wisdom are real game-changers. Dr. Maybell’s insights are down-to-earth and incredibly useful!”


Home Budget Manager


“Managing our home budget is crucial, and ‘Home Doctor’ fits right in. Dr. Maybell’s advice on DIY health and managing without traditional resources is practical and wallet-friendly. A go-to resource for every household!”

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Unlocking Health Solutions for Every Homemaker

Empower yourself as a homemaker with answers to common health questions and practical tips from the “Home Doctor” guidebook. Discover how to handle everyday health challenges efficiently for a thriving family.

A: The guide comprehensively covers topics ranging from common ailments and first aid to holistic health approaches for your family.

A: It provides step-by-step instructions on handling emergencies, offering quick and practical solutions for various health crises.

A: Absolutely! The guide is designed with clear, user-friendly language, making it accessible for all moms, regardless of their medical background.

A: Yes, the guide emphasizes holistic health, offering natural remedies for common ailments, providing alternatives to traditional medicine.

A: By equipping you with valuable health knowledge, the guide empowers you to proactively manage your family’s health, fostering a well-balanced and vibrant home environment.

Empower Your Health, Save $2000 Annually: DIY Wellness Tips

“Harness the power of self-care and save $2000 a year with our DIY wellness tips. Take control of your health and budget while embracing a frugal yet fulfilling lifestyle.”