Home Doctor – Practical Medicine for Evry Household

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  • It is a doctor-approved and comprehensive guide to home first aid and self-care.
  • It teaches you how to deal with common health issues, even when medical help is unavailable.
  • The book is a must-have for every household.
  • Bonus: Wild edibles you can forage for or find around your house
  • Bonus: Natural healing secrets of Native Americans
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Check out the book’s table of contents (free download)

Master Home First Aid, Empower Self-Care!​

  • Doctor-Approved: Written and approved by a team of professional doctors, ensuring reliable and accurate health guidance.
  • Self-Application Methods: Learn emergency self-application methods to handle common health issues when medical help is unavailable.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers home first aid, self-management of common ailments, and medication reserves for overall family well-being.
  • Exclusive Medication Reserves: Offers unique methods for building medication reserves to ensure emergency medical support.
  • Clear and Practical Guides: Concise and understandable instructions for easy implementation, no medical expertise required.

What You’ll Learn Inside The Home Doctor Guide

The book comes with a huge collection of simple and practical ways to meet first aid needs.

It gives you the information you need to choose between professional treatment and self-treatment.

  • ✔ The information in this book will help you save lives when medical attention is not immediately available.
  • ✔ The guide teaches households to become self-sufficient instead of always relying on modern medicine.
  • ✔ Learn simple procedures that will prevent future occurrences of common ailments. This helps you and your loved ones reduce the number of hospital visits.
  • ✔ Families get a sense of safety from this information if an emergency occurs and there is no doctor in sight.
  • ✔ Managing common illnesses and using natural remedies helps cut down on medical expenses.

Is There A Refund Policy?

You bet there is! And yes, the authors of this book are so confident this book will prove valuable that they’re happy to offer you a full refund guarantee if it fails:

If within 60 days after purchasing the book you are not satisfied with it, send an email and you will be given a full refund. Besides, if you use the information in the book to take care of your health issues and you don’t save at least $37, the creators are happy to refund your investment in full and you still keep your book. No questions asked!

Official Package : The Home Doctor™ Latest Edition

  • 📂 Bonus: Wild edibles you can forage for or find around your house
  • 📂 Bonus: Natural healing secrets of Native Americans
  • 💯 60 Days Money Back Guarantee 


5 reviews for Home Doctor – Practical Medicine for Evry Household

  1. Kindle Customer

    Very good resource for health care!
    When I bought it I thought it would show how to do first aid and homeopathic aid.
    Far from it. Extremely informative its almost on the line of a ( real ) medical book. Many pictures and what to look for as for treatment. Definitely a level up of basic first aid.

  2. Sandra S Summers

    I believe this book could be very helpful information, especially with what seems to be coming. We¡¯ve already tried the recipe for stopping a cough. It worked great and will be used again in the future. There¡¯s a ton of medical help here when you can¡¯t get to a doctor using things you may already have on a shelf.

  3. Crystal L Lightfoot

    Just received in the last couple weeks. My husband hates going to the doctor. He cut his finger, we followed what the book said, and it’s healing nicely. (I should add that I have family that work in the medical field, so they were also consulted and updated while the process was going on, they said “that’s a good book”)

  4. bobby

    amazing book! as a nurse i find if this book very useful

  5. mary f williams

    This is a no nonsense medical reference book written in laymen¡¯s terms with graphics! Everyone should have this book in their home for emergencies!!!

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